Bear Order form in .pdf format HERE. <---

Cubby Bears Order Form in .pdf format HERE.  <----

Memory Pillows Order Form in .pdf format HERE. <----

Quilt Order form in .pdf format HERE. <---

Quilt Diagram form in .pdf format HERE. <--

Shipping informaion in .pdf format HERE. <--- and, also below.

Customer Shipping Information

Customer Shipping: The following information is provided for customer use ONLY! All information stated below are ONLY estimates! Bear Memories is not responsible for changes of postage and shipping rates.

  • Customers are responsible for getting project materials to Bear Memories
  • Please Contact Bear Memories before sending your materials.
  • Items to ship to Bear Memories:
             T-shirts, clothing, fabrics, & cloth items wanted in the project
             Accessory items
             Order form (for bears) & Quilt order & design map (for quilt orders)

    * Contact Bear Memories if deposit payment will accompany the project materials.

Average price for shipping a package by standard UPS:
     Box size: 24”x 20” x 12”
     Weight: 10 lbs.
     Shipping time: 6-8 business days
     Average cost: $13- $15

USPS Priority Mail:
     Box size: 24”x 20” x 12”
     Weight: 10 lbs.
     Shipping time: 3-5 business days
     Average cost: $15 - $25

  • Parcel size and shipping weight will change shipping costs, above stated shipping details are ONLY estimates!!

    * Costs to ship outside of Wisconsin will vary

For information on shipping costs please visit the U.S. Postal service website at: http://postcalc.ups.com

Shipping From Bear Memories to customers:

  • Shipping cost of the finished item is included in the price of your item. Leftover and unused materials will NOT be returned with the finished item. There will be additional shipping fees if the unused and leftover materials are to be returned.

  • All items will be shipped by standard UPS. Please allow 6-8 business days for delivery.

Finished items can be sent to alternate addresses. Please notify Bear Memoriesat time of ordering to make shipping arrangements