Remembering special events, dates, and people are always important in a person’s life, once that time has passed it begins to slowly fade from one’s memory. The desire to keep the memory of that day or person alive in your heart is at the center of our humanity, especially as time goes by.

Hi, My name is Kelly M. Kowaleski and I, all too tragically, had this happen to me. Several years ago I experienced some of the worst pain a parent could ever endure- the loss of a child. Our fifteen-year-old son, Brady, left this world, and left a huge hole in what was our “perfect” family.  The weeks and months following his accident left me with a feeling of loss not having him in my life, a ”missing piece” to the puzzle.

Before the accident, sewing was my passion. Following the accident I had no drive to be creative or pursue my hobby that once consumed my spare time. I knew in order to move on, I needed to somehow reconnect, not only my sewing but with my son. So I set out on a quest to make the two come together: to find “me” again and to connect to Brady. For Christmas that year, I decided to make “Memory Bears” for both of our daughters out of Brady’s clothes. Those two led to a few more, and then a few more. Before I knew it, I had made fifteen of them to give to family and his very close friends. The connection was made, I once again found my love for sewing and a way to keep Brady’s memory alive in the hearts of those who love and miss him.

By starting “Bear Memories” it is my mission to help others remember their loved ones and always have that “connection” to those that they love. As the years go on, my pain and yearning to have Brady here will always remain, but the pain I feel has diminished a little as the happy memories of his smile and laughter overshadow the fact that he is gone. The happiness he brought to my life is now what keeps me going.

Sewing mends the soul,

Kelly K